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traffic, noise, air quality


The Flanders DUET Digital Twin will concentrate on the design of new measures, implementation of actions and evaluation of the success of actions as foreseen in for example Flanders Regional Mobility Plan, and the Flanders Environment Plan20 which aims both for smoother mobility through actions that are kinder to the environment and reduces the impact on human health.

traffic, noise, air quality


The Pilsen Digital Twin will focus on the interrelation between transport and noise pollution in a 3D environment. Noise pollution in the city environment is influenced by many factors. One of the factors is the local road transport - especially the traffic volumes that pass by the built-up environment, types of vehicles and traffic conditions such as speed limits.

traffic, green mobility


Athens sees data informed decision making as a key pillar for city and business transformation. In an era of exponential and constant change, Athens wishes to embrace Digital Twin use to understand city relationships and overcome engagement barriers with stakeholders, co-create new innovative digital services and deliver new business value.

traffic, mobility, sensor fusion

Cityflows - Antwerp

CityFlows visualises flows of cars, pedestrians, cyclists... in the city by fusing mobility-related data streams. Where do people walk, bike, commute, drive,… throughout the city? Yesterday and today, and in the next couple of hours or even days? It is people that make cities alive. Understanding the urban flows of people is as important as knowing how the blood in your body flows.